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I feel beyond lucky to have lived at Varsity Square. Nathan and Michelle are so kind and will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. When moving in everything was SO clean and I have yet to find one bug after living here for over a year. I am very impressed and will always recommend living here to anyone coming to the area! Thank you Nathan and Michelle for making my apartment feel like a home :)

Thoroughly the Best

I lived at Varsity Square for about 2 and a half years while attending NIU. The office staff was awesome, the buildings are kept up well and bug-free (saw one spider, once). When a heating unit broke, they not only repaired it, they replaced it with a new unit they kept on-site, redid the drywall around it, and repainted the whole wall! Within 48 hours of my request! During a huge overnight blizzard that shut down the university for 2 days, the sidewalks and such were shoveled and salted by 7am! Parking was always plowed well. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live near campus!

Above Average Apartment Living

I feel safe living at Varsity Square Apartments. Bright, ample lighting in the common areas and outside contributes to keeping tenants safe and sound. The staff has been helpful. You can call anytime you have a maintenance problem, tenant issue, or concern, and management responds. There is an honest attempt to create a community feel with respect and care for the tenants. The rules are fair. Criminal activity is not tolerated, which benefits everyone. Your package deliveries are accepted for you, eliminating the theft element as well. They shovel and salt the sidewalks when it is icy and snowy. In the summer, the courtyard is vibrant green and well-maintained. (Birds and butterflies like it, too!) And, they strive to keep the complex bug-free. The quiet lifestyle is very, very, very pleasant. There is a calmness here that is not present at other complexes. My apartment is a comfortable, cozy place to be. I have enjoyed and appreciated my stay here. Varsity Square Apartments’ only three negatives are its lack of central AC or even a second window AC unit for the blazing-hot bedroom, limited storage and closet space, and the absence of a recycling program. Still, my 4-star rating indicates an above average experience for apartment living at Varsity Square Apartments.

Couldn't be happier

I have had a great experience living at Varsity Square Apartments. The staff are friendly and really nice. It's very affordable compared to the other apartments in town. My apartment building is very quiet which is nice because I can actually study in peace and quiet. When I moved in, the maintenance man put a stopper in the door so I wasn't fumbling with my things trying to get the door opened with one hand. I couldn't have picked a better place to live.


Nice apartment. Quiet lifestyle. Staff and employees are always helpful. Near to NIU but far from the dorm. Heat and water are free.

Totally satisfied

After two years here, I still can't believe how lucky I am that my first apartment is so nice! The staff is always friendly, and the few maintenance calls we've made were addressed immediately. I have everything I could want from an apartment close to campus: Great bus access, convenient parking, party-free calm atmosphere, well-kept grounds, and unlike almost every other inexpensive apartment near campus, cat-friendly policies. If you want a cozy, quiet home for 1-2 people near campus, I don't think you can do better.

A home away from home

After being a tenant at Varsity Square for over 6 years I have lived in each style of apartments offered. It’s nice to walk into a “home away from home”. The employees and staff are welcoming and always willing to help in any situation. The maintenance staff works hard to keep up the grounds, buildings, as well as take care of the tenant’s needs in the individual apartments. Overall, my experience at Varsity Square has been very positive.

Great Experience

When looking for a place to live near NIU's campus, I was immediately impressed by the well-maintained property and living spaces at Varsity Square. The staff is very friendly and genuinely cares about their tenants. This has definitely been my smoothest renting experience - great place to live!

Amazing place to live

My girlfriend and I searched for our first apartment last year and what immediately drew us to Varsity Square was the homey feel and the friendly management staff. On move in day the apartment was steam cleaned and in great condition. We recently renewed our lease and look forward to our continued residence.

Good place to live in!

Me and my wife have a good impression about Varsity Square Apartments. All the way from the office staff to maintenance have been great; they respond to any kind of problem quickly and efficiently. So far, I been satisfied with their service and will definitely recommend any person to come live in these apartments; since they're quiet, calm, and respectful.