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Very responsive team

Matt at Evergreen Apartments was very helpful with answering questions about terms of the lease. He was very prompt with returning phone calls and setting up a time to view the apartment!

Wonderful place to live!

Thanks to Matt & Travis, who maintain the apartments & grounds, Evergreen Apartments is a terrific place to live! Love it here! Thanks guys!

Excellent Management

Matt and Travis are both wonderful people. They are very easy to talk with, which makes solving any problems or getting questions answered a breeze. There's a real sense of dedication to the property from both of them, as they are quick to remove snow, leaves, trash, etc, and a timely response to problems that need to be fixed within the apartments.

Best of the Best

Glenco Properties takes absolute pride in their units. It is shown by the Management and Maintenance team, Matt and Travis who are the absolute finest team you will find. I have been a homeowner most of my life and these gentlemen treat this establishment like it is their own by taking great pride in how they perform their tasks!!!! Thank You Matt and Travis!!!!

Responsive Management

Here is a story I recall that illustrates how consistently responsive Matt and Travis are: I left a voicemail message over the weekend that my kitchen sink faucet was a little leaky (not an emergency) and when I came back for my lunch break on Monday I found a brand new faucet already installed. I know many people have landlords that take months to resolve issues, so what happens here at Evergreens is a breath of fresh air.

Living at Evergreen Apartments

I am a current resident at Evergreen Apartments. I have been here 12 years & counting :) need I say more. The staff here is WONDERFUL and I couldn't be happier. It is very clean and beautiful here. I have also had the opportunity in the last few years to watch & see many wonderful, awesome improvements happen. Everyday I am so proud to continue to call this place my home. :) :)

Great Place!

The landlords are very nice and cooperative and timely with fixing problems. I also love the fact that our apartment doesn't seem small at all. I feel like we have tons of space! Everyone is the complex is super friendly and you are definitely getting your money's worth for a nice place to live!

Awesome Service

Matt and Travis do a great job helping in any way they can, very friendly and would recommend Evergreen to anyone in the Stevens Point area!

Easy to Work With

I have been here a year and love this place. If it wasn't for graduating I would stay longer. If something breaks, it is fixed or replaced fast. Quiet community and great upkeep of landscape.

Excellent Housing

For being in a college town this is a great place to live and for a reasonable cost. The onsite property manager (landlord) is very understanding and accommodating. The maintenance man is always prompt and willing to do whatever to keep the property and apartments looking their best.